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What is PVC Bendit? ...The ultimate tool for bending PVC Pipe!

PVC Bendit is hot milf the best tool available for bending PVC, lesbian videos PEX, and PTFE pipe and other plastics. The trick to bending a plastic pvc pipe is to heat it evenly, and PVC Bendit heats from the inside, providing very even heat over a long area. You just plug it in, stick it in the pipe, stick the pipe in the BendStation and wait for a few minutes.  Turn the pipe a few times while it is heating and when it is soft it is ready, it is evenly heated and it has the consistency of a cooked spaghetti noodle.  You can also bend acrylic tube and sheet materials like ABS and polycarbonate. With new applications being discovered milf porn every day, this tool is going to shape the future of how we use PVC and PVC, PEX, PTFE and perhaps SW Fiberglass Tubing. Whether you're an electrician working with rigid nonmetallic conduits, a salt water aquarium enthusiast making custom tank parts, a sculptor, plumber, stage set designer or any other person who needs to bend PVC pipe, this is the best tool for the job.

Go hot lesbian porn ahead. Get one. Bend some PVC Pipe. You'll like it.

Read our new ebook, 'Bending PVC for Fun and Profit.'csaPVC Bendit is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.