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PVC BendIt's Pipe Tool Makes Swimming Pool Repair Delightful

I live in Florida where I repair swimming pools. I find that a major problem results from termites eating away at the flexible pipe used on many pool installations. As a professional pool repairman I replace the flexible pipe with PVC schedule 40 which the termites don't eat.Doing the repairs on existing pools was [...]

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PVC Pipe Bending Used by British Artist Build Beautiful Exhibits

Recently one of our customers called to tell me about Tree Art Exhibits by British artist Tom Price. I did a search and here are some the the beautiful exhibits Price built with the help of pvc pipe bending.Please be advised I am not suggesting the PVC Bendit was used by Mr. Price but his work [...]

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Bending PVC Pipe for Garland Decor

We wanted to decorate our entrance but didn't want to drill holes in the stucco of our home.  We searched on Google - YouTube and found the PVC Bendit site.  After viewing the videos we made the purchase.  The pvc bending tool arrived in just a few days and I spent a few hours learning [...]

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How to Bend PEX with PVC Bendit

Need to bend PEX? You can do it with the PVC Bendit. Recently people are asking if the PVC Bendit can be used to bend PEX. I didn't know for sure as I had never worked with PEX thinking it was already easy to bend. The problem that was explained is they need it [...]

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How to Bend 4" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe

We receive many calls asking if the PVC Bendit can be used to bend 3" or 4" schedule 40 PVC Pipe. The short answer is yes. Recently, I demonstrated this and have a YouTube video showing it in action: You will see that we used 3/4" ID - 1 1/8" OD metal conduit, used by electricians, [...]

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18-Foot PVC Bending Tool

We just needed an excuse (several potential buyers) to invest the capital needed to manufacture an 18' PVC Bendit Tool. Well the time came and we now have this special item in stock. We figure since the longest stick of PVC pipe available on the market today is 20' long, we might as well have [...]

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The Cost of Bending PVC Over Buying Bends

The average retail cost of a single PVC pipe fitting is about $2.00, but the price for certain bend fittings can run up over $40.00. Obviously, if you're only going to do one project with PVC, you might as well go buy some bends. For people who work with PVC every day, like electrical contractors, [...]

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Great Link: How to Stain PVC Any Color You Like

Stain PVC Any Color You Like will show you how to do exactly that.

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Electrical Conduit Work Demands the Right Bending System

Underslab work is demanding. Not only do you have to compete for space with rebar and/or remesh, but you've got to get it perfect the first time. When you say you're done, everything you just did is going to be permanently cased in concrete, and from there, a mistake is a disaster. Add on to [...]

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Calling All Bioplastic Makers - We Want to Work With Plant-Based Plastics

I want to work with pipes made from these plastics and see what we can come up with here. I would like to see pipe extruders buy bioplastic resins and give them a shot. There is certainly a market, and that market will only continue to grow. A lot of the projects [...]

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