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"Bending PVC for Fun and Profit" Under Revision!

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We figured that the "Bending PVC for Fun and Profit" e-book for sale under "Accessories" could use a revision. Coming soon, we will have an up-to-date version for everyone.

Anyone who ordered one prior to this revision will be getting a PDF file emailed to them!

E-Book Download: "Bending PVC for Fun and Profit"

"Bending PVC for Fun and Profit - Made Possible Using PVC Bendit" created by Vic Johnson and Rolf Kruse is an educational and informative e-book for heating and bending PVC pipe into furniture, toys, everyday items, and more!Click on "Accessories" to purchase yours today!

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Electrical Box to Coupler Conversion Kit

Did you know that a B-model Bendit can be modified with an electrical coupler to fit inside PVC pipe more efficiently?We now offer this instructional kit under "Accessories" in case our customers are interested in doing so!Making this conversion requires some knowledge upon disassembling and reassembling the element leads to the electrical cord leads.Using the [...]

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Blazer Electric Supply Co. Likes the PVC Bendit!

Recently, Mike and I had the privilege of attending a small meeting in the Fab Shop with some staff at Blazer Electric Supply Co. in Colorado Springs, CO., to show them a demonstration using the 9B PVC Bendit...We brought various sizes of schedule 40 PVC pipe, but they were primarily interested in seeing on of [...]

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Our New 10B PVC Bendit!

We have a new addition to the PVC Bendit collection!Introducing the 10B PVC Bendit model!Just like the 10A, it allows you to heat schedule 40 and schedule 80 PVC pipe up to the full 10 feet in length. The heating element is the same one we use in the 10A, but it is in the [...]

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100 Subscribers Milestone & 30,000 Views Milestone on YouTube!

We at PVC Bendit have reached two milestones on YouTube: one for reaching 100 subscribers and the other for receiving 30,000 views!There is no one to thank except all of our valued customers and viewers. These two certificates could not have been accomplished without all of you watching our tutorial videos and subscribing to our [...]

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PVC Bending Video Tutorials on YouTube!

Hey, everyone!Just a friendly reminder to all of our valued customers that we offer PVC bending tutorials using the PVC Bendit via YouTube.We feel it is helpful as there are certain areas of bending that can get a bit difficult. Sometimes, additional tools and objects can be utilized in order to make execution of your projects [...]

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PVC Pipe Snow Shoes Made Using the PVC Bendit!

Recently, one of our customers, Steve Moosman, came up with a unique project for his scouts. All of them were capable of creating durable and functional snow shoes from PVC pipe!Steve stated, "Your tool has worked very well for our scouts' (and my grandkids') snow show projects. We are supporters of the PVC Bendit tool!!!"He [...]

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How to Bend PVC Pipe into Globe

Artist Clarina Bezzola demonstrates how fun and easy it is to create a human-sized hamster ball with PVC Bendit.

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Bending PVC Conduit for Wiring Pulls

Testimonial from a happy customer: Our new  (PVC Bendit) B6 works great for 1 1/4” schedule 80 PVC conduit bending. We used the  PVC conduit bender to make several extra long sweeping bends for long underground wiring pulls. The active section of the  B6 Bendit is well within the 10’ PVC pipe section. The fitting ends stay cool with no risk [...]

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