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Bending 8" Schedule 40 PVC PIpe with PVC Bendit

One of our customers used our 20B PVC pipe bender to bend 8" Schedule 40 pipe to a 12 degree inside radius.  Mission accomplished in 75 minutes as the pipe was heated to 203 degrees.  The next unit will be heated a little longer to make bending easier.  They first wrapped the pipe with fiberglass insulation [...]

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PVC Bendit Exhibiting Bending PVC Pipe at World Balloon Convention

PVC Bendit is teaming up with our Balloon Industry Distributor at the World Ballon Convention. David Mahoney will be teaching bending PVC pipe at the World Balloon Convention this March 14-17.  During his training,  he shows attendees how he uses the PVC Bendit 10A to bend 3/4" schedule 40 PVC Pipe into creations such as [...]

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PVC Bendit Pipe Bendit Photos from the Pool and Spa Show

A few pipe bending photos at our PVC Bendit trade show booth in Atlantic City...       Mike and Stacey FoxLong Time CustomerMike | PVC Bendit OwnerReady for demonstrationsIlene with 9B PVC BenditFrank Felty, new customer. Purchased 2 Bendits

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Bending PVC Pipe Exhibit at NE Pool and Spa Show Atlantic City NJ

We exhibited PVC Bendit demonstrating bending pvc pipe at the North East Spa and Pool show at the Atlantic City Convention Center January 23-25 and had a great response from attendees.  On the first day of the show we had over 300 visitors. The main comment when they saw us make a 180% or more bend in 1-1/2" [...]

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Variac Transformer for controlling current and heat in PVC Bendits

We would like to suggest the purchase of a Varianc Transformer that you can plug the PVC Bendit in to so you can control how hot the Bendit gets.  After trying to get a very low cost controller we have decided the Variac is the best option.  They are available on Amazon for $59 - $129 with Prime.  The [...]

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PVC Bendits Series 10A and 20B Listed by CSA

We are pleased to announce that our newest PVC Bendits, the 10A and 20B passed the testing and certification process at CSA the National Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL).  This clears the way for them, like our other PVC pipe bending tools, to be used in government, military and large business operations.  This process is lengthy and expensive [...]

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Bending PVC Pipe Oven Engineered Using PVC Bendits for Heat

Specialty Oven... Recently an engineer called and presented his need for bending a special PVC pipe material that exceeded the length of conventional pvc pipe heating ovens. PVC Bendit reviewed the customer's needs. The pvc pipe bending oven was built using two 9A PVC Bendits as the oven heaters.The oven temperature is controlled with an Ink [...]

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New PVC Bending 10 and 20 foot long PVC Bendits at CSA

   PVC Bendit has created new PVC Bending 10 foot A and 20 foot B Series PVC Bendits for sale in the US. It has also contracted with the 'NRTL' National Recognized Testing Lab, CSA, to perform the battery of tests to certify them as Safe and in compliance with specific electric and safety code and [...]

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Heat Bending PVC Pipe using PVC Bendit in Vertical Position

We received a tip from an inventor that uses the PVC Bendit to heat PVC Pipe so it can be bent. Rather than lay the PVC pipe in the BendStation with the PVC Bendit inside the PVC Pipe he created a system to hang it vertically. This, he says, makes turning the pipe unnecessary.  He [...]

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MarksMan Hitch Made Using PVC Bendit

Amazing product...You may have seen this cool device in action in on the boat docks in Florida or perhaps in a sporting goods store near you. It is a Marksman Hitch and it allows you to back your expensive truck to any trailer without ramming the trailer tongue into your vehicle. According to inventor Dale Bearey, "we [...]

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