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PVC Pipe Snow Shoes Made Using the PVC Bendit!

Recently, one of our customers, Steve Moosman, came up with a unique project for his scouts. All of them were capable of creating durable and functional snow shoes from PVC pipe!Steve stated, "Your tool has worked very well for our scouts' (and my grandkids') snow show projects. We are supporters of the PVC Bendit tool!!!"He [...]

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How to Bend PVC Pipe Into Globe

Artist Clarina Bezzola demonstrates how fun and easy it is to create a human-sized hamster ball with PVC Bendit.

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Bending PVC Conduit for Wiring Pulls

Testimonial from a happy customer: Our new  (PVC Bendit) B6 works great for 1 1/4” schedule 80 PVC conduit bending. We used the  PVC conduit bender to make several extra long sweeping bends for long underground wiring pulls. The active section of the  B6 Bendit is well within the 10’ PVC pipe section. The fitting ends stay cool with no risk [...]

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Bending PVC Pipe Made possible with PVC Bendit

What can you make by bending PVC pipe with PVC Bendit? While working the Exhibitor Showcase,  I met several award winning Balloon Decorators including Delora Harbin-  CBA of Funtastic Balloon Creations of Kansas City.  Delora told me she and husband Randy (pictured below) use the PVC Bendit to create the frames for many of their creations including [...]

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Bending 8" Schedule 40 PVC PIpe with PVC Bendit

One of our customers used our 20B PVC pipe bender to bend 8" Schedule 40 pipe to a 12 degree inside radius.  Mission accomplished in 75 minutes as the pipe was heated to 203 degrees.  The next unit will be heated a little longer to make bending easier.  They first wrapped the pipe with fiberglass insulation [...]

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PVC Bendit Exhibiting Bending PVC Pipe at World Balloon Convention

PVC Bendit is teaming up with our Balloon Industry Distributor at the World Ballon Convention. David Mahoney will be teaching bending PVC pipe at the World Balloon Convention this March 14-17.  During his training,  he shows attendees how he uses the PVC Bendit 10A to bend 3/4" schedule 40 PVC Pipe into creations such as [...]

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PVC Bendit Pipe Bendit Photos from the Pool and Spa Show

A few pipe bending photos at our PVC Bendit trade show booth in Atlantic City...       Mike and Stacey FoxLong Time CustomerMike | PVC Bendit OwnerReady for demonstrationsIlene with 9B PVC BenditFrank Felty, new customer. Purchased 2 Bendits

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Bending PVC Pipe Exhibit at NE Pool and Spa Show Atlantic City NJ

We exhibited PVC Bendit demonstrating bending pvc pipe at the North East Spa and Pool show at the Atlantic City Convention Center January 23-25 and had a great response from attendees.  On the first day of the show we had over 300 visitors. The main comment when they saw us make a 180% or more bend in 1-1/2" [...]

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Variac Transformer for controlling current and heat in PVC Bendits

We would like to suggest the purchase of a Varianc Transformer that you can plug the PVC Bendit in to so you can control how hot the Bendit gets.  After trying to get a very low cost controller we have decided the Variac is the best option.  They are available on Amazon for $59 - $129 with Prime.  The [...]

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PVC Bendits Series 10A and 20B Listed by CSA

We are pleased to announce that our newest PVC Bendits, the 10A and 20B passed the testing and certification process at CSA the National Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL).  This clears the way for them, like our other PVC pipe bending tools, to be used in government, military and large business operations.  This process is lengthy and expensive [...]

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