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Electrical Conduit Work Demands the Right PVC Pipe Bending System

Underslab work is demanding. Not only do you have to compete for space with rebar and/or remesh, but you've got to get it perfect the first time. When you say you're done, everything you just did is going to be permanently cased in concrete, and from there, a mistake is a disaster. Add on to [...]

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How to Stain PVC pipe Any Color You Like

In addition to bending PVC pipe, you may need to learn how to stain PVC pipe any color your like.  Stain PVC Any Color You Like will show you how to do exactly that.

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The Cost of Bending PVC Pipe Over Buying Bends

The average retail cost of a single PVC pipe fitting is about $2.00, but the price for certain bend fittings can run up over $40.00. Obviously, if you're only going to do one project with PVC, you might as well go buy some bends. For people who work with PVC every day, like electrical contractors, [...]

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Bending PVC Pipe into Candy Canes - Beautiful Christmas Display

Christmas LightingI'm actually a video editor, but I do a large Christmas display out here in LA I plan to replace the candy canes in my display, and unfortunately I can't find the same ones I used to use off the shelf. I also have a side business doing the animatronics, which [...]

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