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10A PVC Bendit for Heating & Bending up to 10' Bend in Schedule 40-80 PVC Pipe Having 1-2" ID and Larger

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The PVC Bendit 10A was specifically designed for those in the balloon decorating industry at the request of professional balloon decorator and owner of Balloons Everyday -- David Mahoney. David has taught courses at Float, World Balloon Convention, and many other venues on how to increase profit margins using PVC pipe for frames. These are made possible using our own PVC Bendit.

David shows how to create the Stark that sells for over $300 using a frame adorned with balloons that cost around $12.00. He also creates hearts, numbers, and many other imaginative creations that customers love!

Randy and Delora Harbin started Funtastic Balloon Creations as a way of bringing the best entertainment services to Kansas City and the surrounding areas.

The 10A PVC Bendit has an Outside Diameter of slightly less than 1/2" so it will fit inside 1/2 inch and larger schedule 40 and 80 PVC pipe. This 10A has a hot area that is 10' in length and can heat an entire 10' length of PVC pipe. It is 120 volt, 564 watt, 4.7 amp.


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