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Nov. 5, 2018

Dear Mike, I just want to say thank you for your exceptional customer service. I purchased a PVC Bendit over a year ago but the project I needed it for took a different direction and I didn’t get back to it until recently. Unfortunately, upon first attempt at using it, it sparked, blew the fuse on the dimmer and put a chink in the plug. Then nothing. I contacted you despite fearing that having waited so long to try it would leave me out of luck. Instead, I found that you genuinely care about your customers and that you remain passionate about your product. Now I see why. The new BendIt you rushed to me worked as promised and allowed me to deliver a Magic Wheelchair project on time. I can’t thank you enough! The original, badly behaved BendIt is on its way to you. I’d love to post a glowing review of you and your product somewhere- please let me know where that is possible. All the best to you and yours!

Penny B.



 September 22, 2018

We have been using this tool to create our Candy Canes for our City Christmas event.  This tool has more than paid for itself allowing us to create our own candy canes rather than purchase them for 3-4 dollars each.  Its easy and straight forward to use.  The only thing that takes some practice is getting the heating times down.  They send you rough recommendations in the box with the bend it but you'll have to play with the times to get what you feel is right. I would buy it again.  Thank you PVC bend it for making this great tool!

Kyle Winberg
Recreation Specialist

Parks & Recreation Department
50 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA 95630
C: 916.346.5212July 19, 2015

Mike, - FedEx shipped the 18C which we thought we wanted back to you last week.  I'm loving the 9B you exchanged for us which is the one that works for our jobs.  Lots of possibilities.


July 9, 2015

We love our bender and just want to get better and better with it.

AquaPro - Aquapro pools & Spas


July 3, 2015
Voice mail:  We purchased your tool about a month ago and that thing is a nice nice nice tool.  It worked as advertised and we were totally blown away with how it bent the pipe and didn't distort it.  We'll send sompe pictures to you so you can see what we are making but I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are.

L Fargo, Fargo Equipment - Ohio


I'm retired from Warner Brothers I purchased you 18C PVC Bendit and want you to know how much I enjoyed using it.  I will call to suggest the person at The Mill at Warner Brothers as it should be in their store.



We used the PVC Bendit to bend the camera tracks for the Global Peace Train videos.  May your generosity come back and bring many blessings. 

Global Peace Train Team


"We needed to build an inexpensive backdrop for our stage production and wanted to use PVC Pipe but didn't know how to bend it. Thanks for google!!! We found PVC Bendit and they happened to be only 70 miles away. We thought the PVC Bendit was expensive but decided to try it. We ordered a 9' A model and made our production which turned out fabulous. It was well worth the investment."

B Hatfield, Denver Co


Again, I want to say thank-you for helping me with my project. The 1 7/8 sleeve you sent did the trick. I was able to bend 2" schedule 40 PVC 180+ degrees with a 17" diameter and minimal inside diameter distortion. I had to leave the sleeve in until the pipe was mostly cool and it took some force to extract but it got me what I needed. The "S" shape was the most difficult.

Attached are some pictures of my finished project. It's a ball run for my 2 year old grandson. The view from above shows what I was striving for.....it's his initials (WJS) in a monogram format. Actually, putting the "S" in the middle kept the overall length down.

I am very pleased with the performance of your product and the outcome of this project.

Mark S, Frisco Tx

"Our application was unique. We build large machines and needed to enclose the electric wires but also wanted to conform to the shape of the machine. We googled and found PVC Bendit, called and explained what we needed. Mike made a sample, sent photos and told us he didn't think it would work. When we saw what he created we knew we didn't explain or need well. We bought two PVC Bendits, made a form and made our parts. We not only saved hundreds of dollars comparred to outsourcing but we saved alot of time. Now I'll use the PVC Bendit to make some parts for my hot tub. Thanks Mike and Thanks PVC Bendit."

M. Carter, CO

"HI MIKE have taken delivery of my Bendit this morning initial tests are excellent. Once I have made some jigs it should be full steam ahead. Before I let my students loose with it I will fit an electronic timer in the power source to prevent over heating , Will keep you informed of my progress thanks again ."


"Our first 18' PVC Bendit lasted two years and then gave out. We looked at the PVC Bendit website and didn't see the 18 foot unit like ours. We couldn't believe it wasn't available. We called and lucky for us PVC Bendit had recently decided to build the unit again. We ordered the new PVC Bendit 18C and we are back at work using it in our pool business."

Vic, NJ

"We received the 3A PVC Bendit and immediately began using it. Rather than position the pipe horizontally we positioned in vertically and then placed the preheated PVC Bendit inside so it didn't really touch the sides of the pipe. This worked real well and we were able to cut our production time by a factor of 10 comparred to our old method of packing it with hot sand.

Thanks you have a great product!!!"

Shayne C, Denver Co

"The original bender was assembled and sent out the same day as ordered. Exceptional service... We purchased the unit for a rather unconventional use. Oskaloosa has a lighted Christmas parade each year and Musco builds a float for. This years float was a over sized sleigh that used 3" Schedule 40 electrical PVC for the runners. The conduit needed to curve up at the front of the runner and that is what we were going to use the bender for.

Wish you success with your product."


"Thank you for introducing me to PVC Bendit - the examples of the work in your site are terrific, particularly the complex spiral and free-form multi-planar shapes. Beautiful. I feel this kind of need comes up fairly regularly in my stage design work and I'm glad to have source to turn to next time 'round. (So to speak.)

There might well be an entire early twentieth century European restaurant kitchen in my next Opera commission - your techniques would be a marvelous way to reach easily a wonderful looking complicated level of realism."

I'll keep in touch,


Thomas Lynch, President
Charles Corcoran, Associate
Cove Creek Design, Inc.

"My nephew bought one of these about four months ago to work on his hydro garden. He was meaning to do an add on for a long time, but he wanted to learn from mistakes that he'd made in the past and just make a better setup. He won't stop talking about the darn thing. Now he's a consultant for other gardeners, and this one tool is the thing that put him in business. Thank you for what you're making, it's helping my nephew make a living. Keep up the good work, guys."

Jim F.
Austin, TX

"...We had a client who wanted us to wind his outdoor lighting conduits around a columnade like vines. We were far enough into the job that we had to accept the change order, but we had a hard time making it work. Our heat guns were not doing the job, I can tell you that much. I took a little time to do some research, and I found this tool. We were able to do the job so easily that I already can't remember life before PVC Bendit. This is my go to tool now for any conduit bending that I have to do. Next time I get a plumbing gig, I'm gonna see if this thing can help me make a lower bid, and I'll never do another electrical job without it. You guys saved my butt. Thanks."

anonymous handyman
(from voicemail)

"My whole department is excited about your product. In Theatre we've been bending PVC for many years, but our methods were all terrible. As I'm sure you know, filling it with sand and heating it from the outside with heat guns and blow torches just doesn't work very well, and the lovely black smoke is a serious problem.

I intend to not only use your product for our next show, one of our graduate students is going to put together a poster presentation on it. If everything goes as smoothly as I expect you can expect some coverage from us....

....At any rate, we look forward to our useful new tool/toy."

Patrick Stone
University of Arkansas

"I am an engineer in the ADC, (advanced developmental composites) for Boeing and I have been showing this system to a few of my fellow engineers... I think you might get some more orders from here....

Anyway, I am going to be working on 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch. I was going to make some greenhouses and also some candy canes for Christmas decorations.

I am also thinking about making a portable chicken coop, and a boat garage... If you know anything about the weather here, boating is great for 3 months out the year, then it has to be covered for the other nine...."

Take Care


"Thanks for your kind offer. I would happily take a Build-a-bend for 3/4" pipe. I have watched the videos on the website, and found them amusing and informative. The young guy doing the demo's seems quite sincere and enthusiastic....

....I have two projects immediately in mind: some low voltage sprinkler control and landscape lighting wiring to be run in 1 1/4" PVC underground from a Christie box to the foundation of one of the buildings on our campus, and a series of communications cable homeruns between buildings that I want to sheath with 3/4" conduit. I'm looking forward to getting precisely the geometry I want without having to resort to a variety of premade fittings with standard sweeps; especially in the comm wiring, since some of it will be mounted under the eaves of our sanctuary, where any sign of kludginess will just draw (unwanted) attention to the installation. Nothing that hasn't already been done with your tool, but exciting for me nonetheless."

Kind Regards,
Mark Knight
Saint Bede's Episcopal Church

"Just wanted to say thanks for getting me the equipment so quickly. I have attached a picture of successfully bending a 2.5" White schedule 40 PVC as well as 2.5" Harvel clear schedule 40 PVC pipe into a 9.25" radius. Everything worked out fantastic and we'll be testing things next week.

Super Tight Bend in 2.5"

Anonymous Aerospace Client

"The show we bought the tool for is the next one, but we snuck in one small bend for this show, and the Bendit is awesome, I'll keep you posted when we start doing large scale sculpting."

Patrick Stone

"Thank you so much for the voice mails and emails. Your Customer Service has been great!

We opened our Fall Musical, "Anything Goes," last Friday and have one more weekend of performances. So, the reason I haven't responded yet is simply I was so busy getting the show up & running! In case you don't know the play ,it is set on an ocean liner in 1934. Our set design included Art Deco lines, so the Bendit tool was perfect for creating curved railings that were painted a brass color. We also used it to make a headboard for a bed in the Upper Class stateroom.

I did have a photographer take shots of the show, so I will have to send those to you soon. Also, I wasn't the person who actually used the Bendit, so I have asked the gentlemen who had "hands-on" experience to give me some feedback as well. I know they thought it was great, but I'm sure you would appreciate something more specific.

Again- thanks for a great product, very quick delivery and fantastic customer service!"

Mary Mitchell-Donahue
Bishop McNamara High School
Theatre Director
Fine Arts Department Chair

"This will transform how we do frames and open up all sorts of new opportunities!"

Rachel Porter, CBA
Balloon Splendor

"I've received the PVC Bendit and used it yesterday on the 1 1/4" sched 40 electrical conduit I needed to form with a complex bend. It worked well, and I'm pleased."


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