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A few accessories are available for use with the PVC Bendit tool!

Each PVC Bendit Order includes: The PVC Bendit and BendStation(s) *BendStations are coated fiberglass pipe insulation. You receive them for the length ordered. 3' BendStation with the 3 A/B, two 3' BendStations with the 6 A/B, three 3' BendStations with 9 A/B, and seven 3' BendStations with 20B.*


The ID of the A-series BendStations are 1-1/8" and the ID of the B-series is 2-1/4". If you bend larger pipe, you can source the coated pipe insulation from Grainger or other suppliers.


You also receive one pair of heat-resistant gloves for handling temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and one digital timer. Below are the accessory items and heat gloves in the event you desire more than the one pair included with the PVC Bendit order.




Variac transformers are suggested so you can adjust and control the current to the PVC Bendit thus limiting the high end of heat. Doing this allows you to control how hot the Bendit gets, which determines how hot the pipe gets. It allows you more time to work with the pipe.


Digital thermometers can be inserted in the ends of the pipe to let you know the temperature levels inside the pipe.

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