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February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.
February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.
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We love our bender and just want to get better and better with it. 


-AquaPro Pools & Spas

The original bender was assembled and sent out the same day as ordered. Exceptional service. We purchased the unit for a rather unconventional use. Oskaloosa has a lighted Christmas parade each year and Musco builds a float for it. This year's float was an oversized sleigh that used 3" Schedule 40 electrical PVC for the runners. The conduit needed to curve up at the front of the runner and that is what we were going to use the bender for. 


We purchased your tool about a month ago and that thing is a nice, nice, nice tool. It worked as advertised and we were totally blown away.

-L. Fargo

Fargo Equipment, OH

This will transform how we do frames and open up all sorts of new opportunities!

-Rachel Porter

I'm retired from Warner Brothers. I purchased your 18C PVC Bendit and want you to know how much I enjoyed using it. I will call to suggest the person at The Mill at Warner Brothers as it should be in their store.


Thank you for introducing me to PVC Bendit. The examples of the work in your site are terrific, particularly the complex spiral and free-form multi-planar shapes. Beautiful.

-Thomas Lynch, President,

Cove Creek Design Inc.

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  • 2" Sched 80 Bent 90 Degrees
    February 16, 2022

    2" Sched 80 Bent 90 Degrees

    Recently Alan, an electrical contractor, shared photos with us on how he uses the PVC Bendit 6B.  He is building a Solar Farm and needed a 90 degree bend in his Schedule 80 PVC pipe.  Note:  With the recent changes to...

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  • Chairs & Tables
    September 18, 2021

    Chairs & Tables

                   For about eight years Paul Flora has used the PVC Bendit tool to bend pipe used in making his strap chairs, stools and tables.  What started as a hobby turned into a profit...

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  • B Series Bendits Upgraded
    September 10, 2021

    B Series Bendits Upgraded

             We struggled with the fact that the electrical box on the end of the PVC Bendits precluded the Bendit from sliding completely inside a PVC pipe.  One of our customers suggested we replace the electrical box...

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