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February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.
February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.

1.5B PVC Bendit for Heating and Bending up to an 18 inch Bend in 1-1/4" ID and Larger PVC Schedule 40-80 Pipe Pipe 120V 169W 1.4A

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NEW!!! PVC Bendit - 1.5B - 18 Inch Heat Length - PVC Pipe Bender

Heat and Bend PVC Pipe using the Series 'B' PVC Bendit.  It fits inside 1-1/4 inch or larger PVC pipe.  

This new PVC Bendit is one of the MOST versatile and perhaps economical tools for heating and making a short bend in PVC pipe.  

Why is this new??? 

We replaced the standard electrical box connector with a coupler that will fit inside most 1-1/4" ID pipe.  And, it has a heat element that is 18" in length.   We did this so the entire PVC Bendit including the cord - up to the plug/label, can be inserted into the pipe.  This allows for making a shorter bend in a longer piece of pipe.   We have now done this for all B Series PVC Bendits.

We also changed the insulation from coated fiberglass tubing to Carbonized Graphite  "PAN" which like the fiberglass will not ignite and can handle heat to 1,800 degrees F.  The PAN does not shed the fiberglass chards and is less costly to ship.  

If you desire to use coated fiberglass pipe insulation simply let us know.  It is also available from many vendors including Grainger.  It needs only to have a thickness of 1/2 inch to provide sufficient insulation.

For 3" and larger pipe we suggest using flexible metal conduit placed inside the PVC Pipe with the PVC Bendit centered in the middle of the conduits.    See YouTube video How to bend 4" or 6" PVC pipe.

We want you to stop worrying about the PVC pipe bending process and focus on what you're building.  We also want you to be able to do things your competitors can't even dream of.

Watch our YouTube Videos, read our FAQ’s and download our book - free - BENDING PVC PIPE FOR FUN AND PROFIT to help familiarize you with bending PVC pipe.  This gives beginners and pros alike the ability to bend PVC pipe into whatever shape the project calls for.

The PVC Bendit PVC Pipe bender is available in bendable lengths three times as long as competing products.

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