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February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.
February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.

20B PVC Bendit for Heating & Bending 20' Bend in 1-1/4" ID and Larger Schedule 40-80 PVC Pipe120V 1080W 9A

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Bend PVC electrical conduit and pipe using the new 20B PVC Bendit. It has a 23-foot overall length with an electric box at one end. The "hot zone" is 20'. The unit is constructed with a flexible metal hose that has an OD of 1.06 inches and will fit inside 1.25" and larger schedule 40 and schedule 80 PVC pipe.

The unit electric specifications: 120V, 1,080 Watts.  Each 20B comes with a 365 day limited warranty and ships with 1 pair Hot Gloves +-/ 400 degree F., 1 timer, 7 metal stands, 7 BendStation sections that will fit around 2 1/4" OD PVC pipe and the Instructions.

Customers who have ordered this PVC pipe bending tool typically work with 20' lengths of schedule 40 PVC pipe in pool and spa installations and repairs, theater and movie stage sets, signage, electrical and other applications. This PVC pipe bender may be used with most any application where bending up to 20' PVC electrical conduit or pipe is required.

The unit comes with seven pieces of the BendStation which are each 3' in length each with an ID of 2 1/8". The PVC Pipe is placed in the BendStation as it is used to cover and keep the heat in the PVC pipe while heating up and bending.  The BendStation is JohnsManville MicroLok pipe insulation and is available for vendors in most areas. You will need to source 3, 4, 6" pipe insulation when bending these larger diameter pieces of PVC pipe.  It is available from

Buyers also use this PVC conduit bending tool to construct greenhouses, stage sets and many other creative applications. This tool may be used in bending PVC pipe which is 1.25 inch and larger. Please see PVC Bendit's Youtube video How to Bend 4" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe.

Keep the PVC uniformly warm using the BendStation while heating. he BendStation is made using John Mansville or Owens Corning microlok fiberglass pipe insulation you can locally source from your plumbing supply house or Grainger. You will want to get the correct size for the diameter of pipe you bend. Usually 1/2" thick insulation works fine.