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2" Sched 80 Bent 90 Degrees

2" Sched 80 Bent 90 Degrees

Recently Alan, an electrical contractor, shared photos with us on how he uses the PVC Bendit 6B.  He is building a Solar Farm and needed a 90 degree bend in his Schedule 80 PVC pipe.  Note:  With the recent changes to the B Series PVC Bendit the entire unit can be inserted into the pipe thus heating less length/area than when a gang box was used.
Alan built a wood form for this project.  He told me it takes about 11 minutes for the pipe reach the correct  bending temperature, approximately 210 degrees F.  Once pliable the pipe is removed from the PVC Bendit and BendStation and placed in the form.  After few minutes in the form it cools and retains its new shape.  

     Thanks to Alan K for sharing this with us all.

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