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February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.
February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.

18-Foot PVC Bending Tool

We just needed an excuse (several potential buyers) to invest the capital needed to manufacture an 18' PVC Bending Tool. Well the time came and we now have this special item in stock. We figure since the longest stick of PVC pipe available on the market today is 20' long, we might as well have a bender tailored to such large pipes. This PVC bending tool will work with PVC Schedule 40 that is 1 1/4" in diameter up to 4." Model C-18

Initial feedback has been very positive. Once we have project photos from one of the buyers we will share them with you. One company is in the Pool business and one is in the sign business. Imagine it and then build it with PVC and the PVC Bendit.

I'm not able to divulge just what the client asked us about just yet. It was an insanely creative idea that he should be able to discuss as he is ready. Either way, the job called for the ability to bend longer than 9 feet of PVC pipe at a time, and we were ready to make the possibility into a reality. He needed a seamless, intricate curve that would go over a pretty long length, and the tool is now available for everyone.

Why make an 18 foot long PVC pipe bending tool instead of 20? We haven't ruled out 10 and 20 footers as possibilities, but we wanted to offer something that would allow users to bend nearly whole sticks of pipe while leaving unbent ends.

With a nine foot PVC Bendit, you can leave 6 inches on either side of the bend, or 12 inches on one side. With an 18 foot PVC Bendit, you'll have 1 unbent foot on either side of the longest bend possible as of now. That gives you cool zones for handling and factory ends for perfect contact with fittings. And of course, if you want your piece to be completely curved, you can always cut away the straight ends when you are finished making your bend. You will see this in our catalog as the C-18

If you have a need to make bends in full 20 foot sticks of PVC, you may want to learn more about the PVC Bendit, or you may just want to Take Action Now, and Get a PVC Bendit. Our 18' pvc bending tool is quite possibly the longest on the market.

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