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Bending 8" Schedule 40 PVC PIpe with PVC Bendit

Bending 8" Schedule 40 PVC PIpe with PVC Bendit

One of our customers used our 20B PVC pipe bender to bend 8" Schedule 40 pipe to a 12 degree inside radius.  Mission accomplished in 75 minutes as the pipe was heated to 203 degrees.  The next unit will be heated a little longer to make bending easier.  

Bending PVC Pipe

They first wrapped the pipe with fiberglass insulation to keep the heat in the pipe and they also used 4 pieces of aluminum flex duct and positioned the PVC Bendit in the middle to help the heat radiate outwards and help the pipe keep its form.  They used a Variac transformer to regulate the temperature. 

Bending-PVC-pipe-with-PVC Bendit

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