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Calling All Bioplastic Makers - PVC Bendit Pipe Bending Wants to Work  With Plant-Based Plastics

Calling All Bioplastic Makers - PVC Bendit Pipe Bending Wants to Work With Plant-Based Plastics

pvc-pipe-bending-cereplast-bioplastic-resin.jpgI want to work with pipes made from cereplast plastics and see what we can come up with here. I would like to see pipe extruders buy bioplastic resins and give them a shot. There is certainly a market, and that market will only continue to grow. A lot of the projects that we're working on here are geared toward self-sufficient living, and certain toxic facts about PVC just don't sit all that well. I really want to do what I'm doing here (bending pvc) with a truly sustainable material. I can tell that my professional life is going to be intimately tied with the plastics industry, and I can tell that our product is going to cause a veritable re-branding of plastic pipes as a super versatile material. No question about it, this is already widely known, but our marketing efforts will cause sales spikes in new markets, and as we catch on, there will be more and more 'PVC junkies' out there.

Bearing that in mind along with some of the inescapable realities of the contemporary plastic world, I'd like to see a competitive, plant-based plastic pipe that can be heated, reshaped and cooled back to its original strength. We will aggressively promote it along with our products as the #1 solution for a wide variety of needs. If you came directly to this blog, take a look around the site and at some of the other blog entries to get an idea of some of the stuff we're working on. If you found your way here after looking at other things, you've already got an idea of what I mean.
PVC Pipe extruders, I'd love to see what you're capable of with bioplastic resins on your extrusion lines. Bioplastic chemists, I'd love to see you make a push toward the PVC extruders, so that I can bend some of what you're making.

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