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Conversion Kit for B Series  PVC Bendits

Conversion Kit for B Series PVC Bendits

Note we have changed the design so all present and future B Series will use the coupler vs. the electrical box.

If you have a B Series PVC Bendit with the electrical box and desire to insert it further into the pipe (1-1/4" and larger) but the electrical box prevents it from going in? You may want to get the conversion kit.  

We call it the box to coupler conversion. and it is available in our Accessories area on our website.  Or, you can buy the parts at Lowes.  Lowes parts: Coupler: Item #76030Model #02-55081, Screw-in connector Item #47397Model #49010 Blue wire connectors Item #52365Model #773301 

Unfortunately we don’t have a solution for the A Series as we’ve not been able to locate a connector and coupler that will work safely in 3/8 conduit ”*** 

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