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PVC Pipe Snow Shoes Made Using the PVC Bendit!

PVC Pipe Snow Shoes Made Using the PVC Bendit!

Recently, one of our customers, Steve Moosman, came up with a unique project for his scouts. All of them were capable of creating durable and functional snow shoes from PVC pipe!

Steve stated, "Your tool has worked very well for our scouts' (and my grandkids') snow show projects. We are supporters of the PVC Bendit tool!!!"

He was also kind enough to share a few photos of them building their PVC pipe snow shoes...

Below are photos of Jonah using his snow shoes outside -- just how they are meant to be!

This is truly one of the nicest applications of our tool as well as PVC pipe that we have seen in a while. HUGE thanks to Steve and his scouts! Project well done!

--Trent, Marketing, PVC Bendit--

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