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February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.
February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.

10B PVC Bendit for Heating & Bending 10' Bend in 1-1/4" ID and Larger Schedule 40-80 PVC Pipe 120V 800W 6.7A

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The 10B PVC Bendit was specifically designed for those that want to heat the full 10' section of PVC pipe. We recommend placing a coupler on the ends if you are putting a fitting on the pipe after it is heated to help keep the pipe round while bending.

This 10B has an outside diameter of slightly less than 1 1/4" so it will fit inside 1 1/2" inch and larger schedule 40 and schedule 80 PVC pipe. It has a hot area that is 10' in length and can heat an entire 10' length of PVC pipe. The unit is 120 volt, 564 watt, 4.7 amp.

This unit is not CSA listed even though it is is made using all materials and manufacturing processes as our CSA listed products.