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9B 230 Volt 50 cycle PVC Bendit fits in 12.7mm ID & Larger Schedule 40-80 PVC Pipe

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The Series I9A-and I9B 230 Volt PVC Bendits both require you to use a plug adapter from US style to your location plug.  We currently offer only the 9 foot length PVC Bendit with 230V, 508W 2.6 Amp.  

The 9A can be used to bend 1/2 inch/12.7mm and larger PVC schedule 40-80 pipe. The I9A-230-9 foot/2.74 Meter PVC Bendit tool is our version that we built specifically for customers outside the US who have 220-240v 50 cycle power.  

 Included with this product is the PVC Bendit, one pair of XL heat resistant gloves, a digital thermostat and carbonized felt insulation to wrap around your pipe while using the PVC Bendit.  Shipping box for the I9B is14" X 12" X 10" and weight of 11 lbs.