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PVC Bendit

Heating and Bending PVC Pipe...

The patent pending PVC Bendit was the brain child of the late Victor Johnson. Vic wanted to create a neat fun home flower and vegetable garden. He wanted to use low cost PVC pipe in his garden for misting, watering and other purposes but had difficulty bending the PVC pipe in his desired shapes.

pvc-pipe-misting-tunnel-250px.jpgVic was an original thinker - very bright and very creative. He contemplated for many days - perhaps months - on how to best bend PVC Pipe. He tried methods of others such as filling the pipe with hot sand or using a propane torch. He realized he needed to come up with his own method...and did so. He worked on the project, filed patents, made trademarks, and built the PVC Bendit Tool.

Vic and valued friends Mark, Russ, Rolf and Adam continued building and improving the product, developed the fun videos (thanks Adam) and the marketing materials.  Vic and Adam took the PVC Bendit along with an elaborate bent pvc pipe misting tunnel to Makers Faire in New York City and later Vic and wife Rida took it to a tradeshow in California.

All was going well until November 29, 2012 when Vic passed away. As the majority stockholder, I elected to take an active role and now manage the business. It has been a rewarding, challenging, and fun learning experience. I especially enjoy hearing from customers how they use the PVC Bendit and how thankful they are that it exists.  Thank you, Vic, for bringing such an innovative novel product to the marketplace.

-Mike Warner, Owner

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