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February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.
February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.

20' PVC Pipe Bender Now Available

pvc pipe bender tool PVC BenditPVC Bendit is pleased to announce the release of the 20B, a 20' PVC schedule 40-80 PVC Pipe bending tool. This 20' PVC pipe bender is designed for use by anyone needing to bend long lengths of PVC pipe, including pool and spa installers and repair companies. This PVC pipe - conduit bender is also great for theater set designers and set builders. The longest PVC Bendit is inserted into the PVC Pipe and heats it to temperature that allows it to be shaped/bent.

The 20B has a 20' heating element so it may be used to heat and bend a full 20' length of PVC schedule 40 or 80 pipe with a diameter of 1 1/4" or greater. The 20B is 120 volts - 15 amp.  The 20B Bendit is built with CSA listed parts but, unlike other PVC Bendits, is not CSA Listed.

The PVC Bendit 20B works best when the PVC pipe being heated is placed in the BendStation, which is Microlok fiberglass pipe insulation and included with PVC Bendit purchases. The BendStation helps retain heat around the pipe containing the PVC Bendit.

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