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MarksMan Hitch Made Using PVC Bendit

MarksMan Hitch Made Using PVC Bendit

Amazing product...

You may have seen this cool device in action in on the boat docks in Florida or perhaps in a sporting goods store near you. It is a Marksman Hitch and it allows you to back your expensive truck to any trailer without ramming the trailer tongue into your vehicle. According to inventor Dale Bearey, "we could not have made this product without the 3A PVC Bendit tool".


We needed to be able to bend a large quantity of pieces of 1/2" PVC pipe with a 90 degree bend and there were not any production tools that we tried that worked. We searched online and the PVC Bendit appeared on YouTube and purchased our first unit in 2016. Thanks PVC Bendit you made my invention a success... Even the Casting Director on Shark Tank though it was great.


Buy your Marksman Hitch today.  Check it out and buy one on ebayAmazon or at a sporting goods store near you.

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