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February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.

Bending PVC Pipe Exhibit at NE Pool and Spa Show Atlantic City NJ

pvc-pipe-bending-tool-spa-show-img-2666.jpgWe exhibited PVC Bendit demonstrating bending pvc pipe at the North East Spa and Pool show at the Atlantic City Convention Center January 23-25 and had a great response from attendees.  On the first day of the show we had over 300 visitors. 

The main comment when they saw us make a 180% or more bend in 1-1/2" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe was Wow - is that for real!  Most were very impressed when they realized they could bend 10 or 20 foot lengths of PVC pipe the Bendits.

Several Spa and Pool OEM's stopped by but mostly it was Service Technicians who would stop first and then bring the Owner and/or Service Manager from their company to see a demonstration.

I felt the show was well attended and from my point of view it was a great exposure and we made many sales.


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