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February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.
February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.

Variac Transformer for controlling current and heat in PVC Bendits

We would like to suggest the purchase of a Varianc Transformer that you can plug the PVC Bendit in to so you can control how hot the Bendit gets.  After trying to get a very low cost controller we have decided the Variac is the best option.  They are available on Amazon for $59 - $129 with Prime.  The one pictured is a 2000 VA version and can be used with all models. 

For fastest results let the PVC Bendit heat up at 115 Volts then reduce it about 50% to maintain a lower temperature.  

We used a 500VA variac in our booth at the NE Spa and Pool Show in Atlantic City in January to demonstrate the 3B PVC Bendit heating 1-1/2" PVC Schedule 40 and bending it.  We controlled the current at about 50% and never had a problem with over heating the pipe.

Happy Bending...

pvc-pipe-bending-variac-transformer-tdgc2-km-max-2000va.jpg pvc-pipe-bending-variac-transformer-tdgc-0.5km-500-va-cropped.jpg
2000VA Unit for 20B 500VA for All but 20B
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