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Bending PVC Pipe for Garland Decor

Bending PVC Pipe for Garland Decor

Looking for unique Christmas decor? Bending PVC pipe into desired shapes can help you create garland with our PVC Bendit. Scott Richter created his own Christmas decor and shares in this review: 

"We wanted to decorate our entrance but didn't want to drill holes in the stucco of our home.  We searched on Google - YouTube and found the PVC Bendit site.  After viewing the videos we made the purchase.  The pvc bending tool arrived in just a few days and I spent a few hours learning how to heat the pvc pipe into the desired shapes.  Then we began attaching the garland and lights to the PVC pipe.  We positioned it in our entrance area and you can see the end product. The PVC Bendit made this possible and with the least amount of effort and cost. I highly recommend the PVC Bendit to anyone who has a design project involving bending pvc pipe."

bending pvc pipe for garland arch

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