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February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.
bending PVC pipe PEX

How to Bend PEX with PVC Bendit

bending PVC pipe PEXNeed to bend PEX? You can do it with the PVC Bendit.

Recently people are asking if the PVC Bendit can be used to bend PEX. I didn't know for sure as I had never worked with PEX thinking it was already easy to bend. The problem that was explained is they need it to retain the bent shape.

So,I took some time last week and worked with 3/4" PEX and made several bends. As you know PEX is already flexible but wants to take back its straight or somewhat straight configuration.

After heating and bending the PEX, I simply placed it in our container of cold water while keeping it in the bent configuration shown. After a few minutes the PEX remained in the bent shape. While I didn't take time to bend 1/2" PEX I don't see any reason that it can not be bent to the shape desired. I will bend some 1/2" in the next week and let you know for sure.

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