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Blazer Electric Supply Co. Likes the PVC Bendit!

Blazer Electric Supply Co. Likes the PVC Bendit!

Recently, Mike and I had the privilege of attending a small meeting in the shop with some of the staff at Blazer Electric Supply Co. in Colorado Springs, CO to show them a demonstration using the 9B PVC Bendit...

We brought various sizes of schedule 40 PVC pipe, but they were primarily interested in seeing on of their own 2 1/2" diameter gray pipe used in the industry instead.

So, we set up the PVC Bendit and -- once hot, of course -- rotated every couple of minutes as we answered numerous questions from the gentlemen. They wanted to know lots of things about how the PVC Bendit is used for bending PVC pipe!

After just shy of 20 minutes (it takes about 4 minutes for the PVC Bendit to heat up), we created a sweeping 90 degree bend in their pipe. They used it themselves making an off-set and a few other interesting bends. While the other bends were demonstrated in the pipe, the one most worthy of a photo -- almost every time -- was the sweeping 90 degree bend.

Thank you, Eddie M. and everyone at Blazer Electric Supply Co. for inviting us to your warehouse and letting us show you the PVC Bendit!

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