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How to Bend 6" PVC Pipe

PVC BendIt receives many calls from customers asking how to bend schedule 40 6" pvc pipe so I decided to give it a try this weekend. I used the same technique used to bend 4" pvc pipe and that is to place flexible metal hose inside the pvc pipe and then place the PVC Bendit tool in the middle. I used four pieces of 2 1/4" flexible metal hose and four pieces of 1" flexible metal hose and placed the  9-B pvc bending tool in the center. I placed pipe insulation around the pipe to help insulate it and keep in the heat.

After 40 minutes heating it was close to soft.  Another 10 minutes and it was able to be bent. The photo with this blog shows the result 


4-in-and-6-in-pvc-pipe-bending.jpg 4-in-clear-and-6-in-full-view-pipe-bending.jpg 6-in-pvc-pipe-with-sleeves-and-bendit-inside-pipe.jpg 6-in-pvc-pipe-bending-with-sleeves-inside-and-insulation-around.jpg

I am not saying this will work for your desired bend but with practice and the correct conditions, i.e., 6" pvc pipe insulation around the pvc pipe and two people working with the pvc pipe as it gets hot it may work just fine. I believe the biggest challenge is to heat the pipe uniformly.

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