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February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.
February Special. Free Economy Shipping within USA.

PVC BendIt's Pipe Bending Tool Makes Swimming Pool Repair Delightful

I live in Florida where I repair swimming pools. I find that a major problem results from termites eating away at the flexible pipe used on many pool installations. As a professional pool repairman, I replace the flexible pipe with bent PVC pipe schedule 40 using PVC Bendit's pipe bending tool which the termites don't eat.

Doing the repairs on existing pools was a challenge as I had to use a lot of fittings when only a minor bend was required.  The fittings can be costly. To make the bends I resorted to filling the PVC pipe with sand and heating it with a torch and then bending it.  That was until I found the PVC Bendit on the internet, purchased one and began using it.

The first day I used the PVC Bendit I worked 13 hours on repairs and went home delighted at what I was able to accomplish. I was able to make major and minor bends to the PVC pipe in a matter of minutes with no fittings. 

I will recoup what I paid for the PVC Bendit in just a couple of repair jobs and I highly recommend the PVC Bendit to anyone that needs to bend PVC schedule 40 pipe.


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