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How to Choose the Correct PVC Bendit...

You need to consider the smallest inside diameter 'ID' and also the length of pipe you will bend. Our Part numbers include an A or B and a numeric. 

The alpha character (A or B) Represents the minimum ID of pipe the it can be inserted into. The A Series will fit into 1/2 inch pipe while the B series fits in 1 1/4 in and larger PVC Pipe.  The outside diameter 'OD' of the A PVC Bendit is approximately 7/16" so it will fit in 1/2" and larger pipe while the OD of the B is approximately 1.06" and will fit in 1-1/4" ID or larger pipe.

The numeric (3,6,9,10,20) represents the length of the heating surface of the PVC Bendit.  Note:  The PVC Bendits overall length will be ~two feet longer as there are non-heated sections at each end. Select the length (3,6,9, 10 or 20) based on the length of pipe you will bend.  It is okay if the PVC Bendit extends beyond the end of the pipe.  It is a good idea to let it rest on the BendStation (fiberglass pipe insulation).  See FAQ's for tips.

Newly designed B Series will now fit entirely inside 1-1/4 inch PVC pipe.  We released on 9/15/2021 the new version of the B Series PVC Bendit.  Now one can insert a 3B inside of a 10 foot pipe and heat just the 3' in the center or to either side of center.  The power cord is heat resistant to 105 degree Celsius - 221 Fahrenheit.  Because of the cool sections on each end of the PVC Bendit the cord remains within the heat limit.


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